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Technical characteristics :

  • Single blade edger suitable for longitudinal cut;
  • Heavy duty bench made of welded steel;
  • Blade diameter up to 600 mm;
  • Max. cutting height 150 mm;
  • All main cutting operations (power assisted control up to 50 m/min, automatic back drive 80m/min), punch control, boards transfer and stop and pressure rollers positioning are controlled by 2 Joystick with power assisted speed adjustment push-button (Pull the joystick to increase speed).
  • During the back run the retractable blade goes under the bench for a faster work cycle (production increase up to 30%);
  • Cable-carrier chain with wear-resistant cables (top class components);
  • 5 loading and 5 unloading chains controlled by two levers; 
  • Pneumatic punch for a faster board alignment on the cutting line;
  • Overall width 2000 mm (stop 2600);
  • Overall length 8900 mm;
  • Cutting work clearance 5200 mm (6200-4200 mm also available);
  • Work height 1400 mm;
  • Total height 2500 mm;
  • Blade holder truck sliding on guides for blade back run;
  • Guide rails made of hardened steel fixed on the milled bench;
  • Slide on ball bearings lubricated guides (long lasting life time). It is adjustable to allow the automatic stop for shorter boards;
  • Standard blade motor 25 HP_18.5 kW, lever  control (Motor power available: 20 HP_15 kW or 30HP_22 kW in this case dimensions change);
  • End stop adjustable by means of a joystick. Power assisted adjustment up to 30m/min;
  • Cutting net clearance 5200 mm (6200 and 4200 also available);
  • Pneumatic pressure rollers for board clamping;
  • Bridge structure made of reinforced tubular material;
  • Installation on hardened steel guide rails sliding on ball bearings guides.


Optional for mobile end stop :


  • End stop positioner;
  • Numerical keyboard with quick select for frequent memories;
  • Distance between end stop and blade display.

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Technical features :

  • Linck brand;
  • Min. cutting length 1 m.;
  • Max. cutting length 6 m.;
  • Max. cutting height mm
  • Min. cutting width 24 mm;
  • Max. cutting width 350 mm;
  • Sawblade diameter 530 mm;
  • Feed speed 50/150 m/min;
  • Weight 8500 kg.

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Technical features:

  • Year 2004;
  • Came 90kW engine;
  • Cutting height 180/25;
  • Maximum width 906mm;
  • Minimum length 1100-1200;
  • Maximum speed 9m / min;
  • Saw blade number 2500/2000 v / mm;
  • Machine internal rollers 6;
  • Upper rollers 810mm;
  • Lower rollers 860mm;
  • Maximum blades 550 / 640mm;
  • Blade hole 110mm;
  • Groove 180 ° 16.5x8.5.

Trimming machine with a movable blade, complete with blade holder sleeve and some spacers for the sleeve.

It has a laser door system complete with two red light lasers to view the cut.

Complete supply of electrical panel.

Machinery with certification and use and maintenance manuals.


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Technical features:

Machine suitable for trimming, purging and cutting exotic woods. These operations are facilitated by the travel of the circular in the center of the bench. The machine is equipped with independently controlled transverse chains. For series work, the use of the guide is very practical as it can be raised for the entire length of the cut by means of a pneumatic piston to allow the discharge of the material under it. The positioning of the guide is very simple and quick with buttons or with an electric positioner. In normal execution the machine has a useful cut of mm. 6200 with a cutting thickness of mm. 150 with the blade of 0 600 hole 35. Feed speed 0-60 m / minute hydrostatic adjustable by the two pedals. The power of the blade motor is Cav. 25 (18.5 KW) 400V 50 Hz. The overall dimensions of the machine are mm. 8000x1400x870 H weight Kg. 2250. Cutting lengths shorter than 6 m and longer than 75 m are possible.

The TR / 6 type sawdust collection hopper is recommended.

In the photo the NO / 5 trimming machine does not drive with motorized movement.

The machine is supplied ready for use.

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