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Elca srl has been specialising for many years in manufacturing industrial automation for the timber first processing.

Having cooperated since 1995 with Bongianni Legno, one of the main Italian manufacturers of sawmill equipment, Elca developed many projects in Italy, Europe and Africa, acquiring technical skills on work-cycles.

Commitment to the highest professional standards, competence, reliability and top grade specialization are the key factors that identify Elca’s production.

Elca can now offer an additional service supplying complete new and second hand sawmill plants, from the log band saw to the mechanizations.

Elca provides a complete package of services including planning, production and technical assistance  on new or existing machinery. 

Furthermore retrofitting old or outdated plants Elca can improve efficiency extending the control system to the whole line. 

All technical interventions both in Italy and abroad are planned to save valuable time.


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